Central Business District for New Istanbul, Turkey

Course: Masters in Urban Design, University of Michigan
Project: Central Business District for New Istanbul, Turkey
My Role: Urban Designer, Planner, Architect, Researcher
Year 2008


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The University of Michigan , Masters of Urban Design batch 2007 were hired by Istanbul Konut, a municipality of Istanbul to help plan and design the city of New Istanbul located along the shore of the black sea.

The Master of Urban design batch 2008, which is my class was then hired to design and detail the Central business district (CBD) of this New Istanbul city. The vision for this city was to create a modern sustainable district which reflects the social and cultural values of Istanbul along with becoming
the new business and entertainment hub of the world.

The project involved collaboration with professionals from various fields. The team created technical documentation and planning guidelines for the CBD. Emek and I developed a retail matrix system for the CBD by defining the building guidelines and detailing the retail typologies in different areas of the CBD.

Individually we detailed certain sections of the CBD , for which we crafted representative images. I was assigned the detailing of the dense business core called ‘The Crescent’ along with the adjoining ‘Crescent park’.

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