Heritage Conservation of Jama Masjid Road Precinct


Organization: Urban Space Consultants Pvt Ltd(Now under Max Ventures Pvt Ltd)
Project: Heritage Conservation of JMR precinct,India
My Role: Manager,Urban Designer,Community Engagement, Site surveys, Historic Conservation
Year 2011


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The proposed project is part of the action plan undertaken by the MMR’s Heritage Conservation Society to recover and rejuvenate the Mumbai region. The goal of the project is to retain the street architecture and spatial morphology of the precinct, and develop this as the historic hub of Old Kalyan.

The main objectives of the project were:
1.To evaluate current status and condition of the precinct through detailed documentation and analysis of key issues.
2.To identify schematic projects and programmes for conservation of precincts through participation of local communities and stakeholders.
3.To formulate financial, institutional and regulatory strategies for project implementation, phasing, operation and maintenance.
4.To prepare draft guidelines for conservation of the heritage precinct.

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