SMART Connect & Prosper Mapping Session


Organization: SMART, Sustainable Mobility & Accessibility Research & Transformation
Project: SMART Connect and Prosper
My Role: Session Development, Mapping, Improving process, Community Engagement
Status: Currently Ongoing


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SMART Connect and Prosper
The SMART Connect and Prosper project focuses on bringing together leads of key transportation initiatives/ locales in Michigan for multi-modal mapping workshops planned over 6 months in AIA Mayors Institute style with each focused on a different locale or initiative. The Multi-Modal Mapping Workshop, is a focused session that gives participants the opportunity to learn about a practical approach to collaboratively improving multi-modal transportation. This approach was developed by SMART at the University of Michigan to identify pilots for multi-modal mobility networks that can be applied in any community or region. The approach also supports the identification of economic development, employment, and innovation opportunity as well as approaches to marketing and communicating about the enhanced system. The first of these workshops was conducted on April 9 for the Lansing BikeShare initiative.

The Lansing BikeShare Initiative
SMART organized a mapping charrette as part of the Connect and Prosper project for the Capital Community Bike Share in Lansing. Partners in Capital Community Bike Share planning include the Ingham County Land Bank Fast Track Authority, Cities of Lansing and East Lansing, Lansing Community College, Mid-Michigan Environmental Action Council, League of Michigan Bicyclists and others.

Results from 1000 survey responses were mapped onto maps along with important transportation routes, busstops, bike parking locations etc to help the participants identify the mobility grid in their city. Discussions were held on possible bike routes and location of necessary infrastructure on bike routes to ensure success of biking in the city. The goal of the exercise was to get varied professionals on the table and to discuss the creation of a blueprint for a pilot Door-to-Door integrated transportation network.

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