SMART Connect & Prosper Mapping Session


Organization: SMART, Sustainable Mobility & Accessibility Research & Transformation
Project: SMART Connect and Prosper
My Role: Session Development, Mapping, Improving process, Community Engagement
Status: Currently Ongoing


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SMART Connect and Prosper
The SMART Connect and Prosper project focuses on bringing together leads of key transportation initiatives/ locales in Michigan for multi-modal mapping workshops planned over 6 months in AIA Mayors Institute style with each focused on a different locale or initiative. The Multi-Modal Mapping Workshop, is a focused session that gives participants the opportunity to learn about a practical approach to collaboratively improving multi-modal transportation. This approach was developed by SMART at the University of Michigan to identify pilots for multi-modal mobility networks that can be applied in any community or region. The approach also supports the identification of economic development, employment, and innovation opportunity as well as approaches to marketing and communicating about the enhanced system. The first of these workshops was conducted on April 9 for the Lansing BikeShare initiative.

The Lansing BikeShare Initiative
SMART organized a mapping charrette as part of the Connect and Prosper project for the Capital Community Bike Share in Lansing. Partners in Capital Community Bike Share planning include the Ingham County Land Bank Fast Track Authority, Cities of Lansing and East Lansing, Lansing Community College, Mid-Michigan Environmental Action Council, League of Michigan Bicyclists and others.

Results from 1000 survey responses were mapped onto maps along with important transportation routes, busstops, bike parking locations etc to help the participants identify the mobility grid in their city. Discussions were held on possible bike routes and location of necessary infrastructure on bike routes to ensure success of biking in the city. The goal of the exercise was to get varied professionals on the table and to discuss the creation of a blueprint for a pilot Door-to-Door integrated transportation network.

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SMART MobiPrize – Catalyzing the New Mobility


Organization: SMART, Sustainable Mobility & Accessibility Research & Transformation
Project: SMART MobiPrize, part of the larger project “Catalyzing the new mobility in cities”
My Role: Manager, Designer, Website maintenance,  Marketing & Promotion
Status: Currently Ongoing

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SMART Mobility Enterprize (the “Mobi”) is an award honoring entrepreneurial ventures that are changing the world – helping to improve the quality of life and revitalize the environment and economy of communities and regions through sustainable transportation (New Mobility). It was conceived and developed by the University of Michigan SMART initiative and its local and international partners with the generous support of the Rockefeller Foundation.The MobiPrize is part of a larger project “Catalyzing the new mobility in cities”. We hope that through the entries we receive in the competition we will be able to determine the trends and developments in the field of sustainable transportation and mobility. We will also be conducting interviews of entrepreneurs and established experts in this field to determine from them both the issues and the catalysts in the industry. Based on us study we hope to compile a report for the Rockefeller foundation.

SMART MobiPrize – The website
I played a key role in developing the website and working on the graphics for most of the website. Since this was my first attempt at designing a website, it has been a great learning experience. We worked as a team on the graphics, branding, promotions and the text for the website. At the final stage Hile Design, a website and graphic design firm was hired to provide key inputs on the MobiPrize Logo Design and structuring of our application form.

SMART MobiPrize – The Award
The ‘Mobi’ as we fondly call it, received 84 entries from all corners of the world by entrepreneurs doing some great work addressing mobility challenges through various types of innovations (ie. service, manufacturing, technology, cargo delivery etc).

From these 84 entries, we had shortlisted 15 enterprises that represented a wide geographic range and innovation type. Out of these 3 winners have been announced, two of which are being selected by our esteemed panel of judges that includes Martin Kelley(IBM), Philippe Crist(ITF), Maiyue Cheng(CISCO), Celine D’Cruz(SDI) amongst others and the third award is a people’s choice award. Do check out the Winners and the The winners will each receive $5000 , a trip to Rio to the Rio+20 conference(United Nations conference on Sustainable Development), and mentorship. We have also created a list of upcoming enterprises that we have put under the Registry section.

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Heritage Conservation of Jama Masjid Road Precinct


Organization: Urban Space Consultants Pvt Ltd(Now under Max Ventures Pvt Ltd)
Project: Heritage Conservation of JMR precinct,India
My Role: Manager,Urban Designer,Community Engagement, Site surveys, Historic Conservation
Year 2011


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The proposed project is part of the action plan undertaken by the MMR’s Heritage Conservation Society to recover and rejuvenate the Mumbai region. The goal of the project is to retain the street architecture and spatial morphology of the precinct, and develop this as the historic hub of Old Kalyan.

The main objectives of the project were:
1.To evaluate current status and condition of the precinct through detailed documentation and analysis of key issues.
2.To identify schematic projects and programmes for conservation of precincts through participation of local communities and stakeholders.
3.To formulate financial, institutional and regulatory strategies for project implementation, phasing, operation and maintenance.
4.To prepare draft guidelines for conservation of the heritage precinct.

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Competition Entry: Redevelopment of Heritage Square & Riverfront


Organization: Urban Space Consultants
Project: Redevelopment of Heritage Square and Riverfront, Surat, India
My Role: Urban Designer, Rehabilitation, Site Survey, Heritage Conservation
Year 2010

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This competition entry aimed at developing the heritage fort square into a cultural hub and revitalize the river front to make it the front yard of activities for Surat. The project was shortlisted to the final stage and was then put on hold due to lack of funding by the government.

The project aims at successful heritage-based redevelopment which includes the following main components:

  • appropriate management of the physical aspects of the site and its surroundings (buildings, structures and open spaces);
  • planning for efficient movement of vehicles and inter-city traffic through and around the site;
  • environment management (natural resource management, waste management);
  • and management of tourism-related activities (museum, hospitality, recreation).
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Restoration and Expansion of a Vernacular Farmhouse

Organization: Urban Space Consultants
Project: Restoration and Expansion of a Vernacular Farmhouse, New Delhi
My Role: Architect, Restoration, Site Survey, Construction drawings
Year 2010

The project involves utilization of sensitive design measures to create a fine balance between the new extension and the old structure, yet making it intrinsic with the landscape it is set in.

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Research – New Istanbul Book


Organization: Graduate Student Service Assistant, University of Michigan
Project: Research – New Istanbul Book
My Role: Researcher, Designer, Sustainability, Editor
Year 2009


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The New Istanbul book is a compilation of the work done by 07 & 08 batches of Master of Urban Design Students on New Istanbul. The aim of the book was to emphasize the process of design by highlighting the development of the project from the conceptual to the final stages. New Istanbul was envisioned to be a modern sustainable city that would become the hub of all financial and entertainment facilities. The focus of the book was to highlight the methods used to develop cities on green field sites and develop new techniques which will lead to sustainable cities.

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Revitalization of Public Housing, Manhattan


Course: Master of Urban Design, University of Michigan
Project: Revitalization of Public Housing in Lower East Side of Manhattan
My Role: Researcher, Urban Designer, Community Development focus
Year 2009


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Revitalization of a 2.3 mile long stretch located in Lower East Side of Manhattan. The site is composed of public housing projects and the East River Park all built around 1950-60 by Robert Moses.

The Franklin D. Roosevelt highway acts as a barrier between the housing and the Park. The site suffers from isolation and disconnection from the city. Lack of designed public spaces to allow interaction amongst residents.

The project aimed to create a vibrant waterfront district with a dynamic new skyline, making it the front yard for activities in Manhattan. Emphasis was laid on attracting investment into the community which will help subsidize the cost of living for the existing residents and improve amenities for the community.

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Central Business District for New Istanbul, Turkey

Course: Masters in Urban Design, University of Michigan
Project: Central Business District for New Istanbul, Turkey
My Role: Urban Designer, Planner, Architect, Researcher
Year 2008


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The University of Michigan , Masters of Urban Design batch 2007 were hired by Istanbul Konut, a municipality of Istanbul to help plan and design the city of New Istanbul located along the shore of the black sea.

The Master of Urban design batch 2008, which is my class was then hired to design and detail the Central business district (CBD) of this New Istanbul city. The vision for this city was to create a modern sustainable district which reflects the social and cultural values of Istanbul along with becoming
the new business and entertainment hub of the world.

The project involved collaboration with professionals from various fields. The team created technical documentation and planning guidelines for the CBD. Emek and I developed a retail matrix system for the CBD by defining the building guidelines and detailing the retail typologies in different areas of the CBD.

Individually we detailed certain sections of the CBD , for which we crafted representative images. I was assigned the detailing of the dense business core called ‘The Crescent’ along with the adjoining ‘Crescent park’.

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Biju Patnaik University, India


Organization: S.K.Das Associated Architects
Project: Biju Patnaik University, Rourkela,India
My Role: Planning, Urban Design, Architecture, Construction drawing, Report Editing
Year: 2007

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The new university campus in Rourkela spans an area of almost 140acres. The project involved designing the master plan and individual buildings in three phases. The master plan was developed in collaboration with Boston Design Collaborative and Abdel- Halim CDC.

We identified four key components of design in the project:
– Community and context,
– Strategy for physical planning,
– Architectural design principles,
– Environmental Optimization

A book was designed and edited by us describing the process of planning and the development of the project. Our team comprised of planners, urban designers, architects and landscape architects, who collaborated to design the master plan of the project and develop architectural guidelines for individual buildings.

Later we each took up individual buildings and designed their architectural details and even produced construction drawing for the same. I had the pleasure of designing the Library building for the project.

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